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Running and debugging ABL programs : Concepts : Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Debugging operations : Options for controlling program execution
Options for controlling program execution
The key to debugging is the ability to run a program and suspend execution at strategic points so that you can monitor and evaluate the results. To allow you to control the program flow in this manner, the Debugger includes the following features:
*Breakpoints - You can insert breakpoints on executable statements anywhere in your source code and in include files that might appear in many different procedures. The Debugger suspends execution at each breakpoint.
*Code-stepping - You can discretely execute the next statement, the next statement plus any sub-procedure or trigger called by that statement, or the remainder of the current procedure.
*Suspend-Resume-Terminate commands - You can explicitly interrupt or resume execution. You can also suspend and resume an attached external AVM at any time.
These features are more fully described in the following topics.
* Breakpoints
* Code-stepping