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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Controlling program flow : Using breakpoints : Managing breakpoints
Managing breakpoints
The Breakpoints view lists all breakpoints defined for the current workspace and for the files located outside the workspace. You can edit or delete any breakpoint in the list.
To edit breakpoints:
1. You can change the definition of any breakpoint. However, you cannot change its type (At Line, On Error, or Watchpoint); nor can you change the procedure in which an at-line breakpoint is located.
2. To edit a breakpoint, select it by clicking the text portion of the list entry. Then right-click and select Edit Breakpoint to display the Edit Breakpoint dialog. Change the values as appropriate and click OK. See Setting breakpoints for more information.
To delete breakpoints:
1. To delete a breakpoint, select it by clicking the text portion of the list entry. To delete more than one, select with Ctrl +click. Then press Delete, or select Remove Selected Breakpoints , or right-click and select Remove.
2. The context menu for the Breakpoints view provides Select All, Remove, and Remove All commands, which are useful for operating on the whole list. Right-click in the Breakpoints view and select the appropriate command. Remove All is also available on the toolbar.
Note: You can temporarily disable breakpoints without deleting them. See Selectively enabling breakpoints.
To share breakpoints, use the Export and Import options on the Breakpoints view context (right-click) menu to share breakpoint definitions with other users. See Importing breakpoints for more information.