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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with Web objects : Publishing Web objects
Publishing Web objects
You can use the Eclipse publishing functionality to copy files from a WebSpeed project to a local or remote server for testing or deployment. When you publish, you can copy source and r-code to the working directory of a WebSpeed broker, and static files to the root directory of a Web server.
To publish your code:
1. Open the Servers view.
The Servers view is a default view that appears in the console area of the OpenEdge Server perspective. You can start it in any perspective by selecting Window > Show View > Servers from the main menu bar of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
2. Select the WebSpeed server name.
Next to the server name, there is a status label that indicates the state of the server (Stopped, Starting, or Started). In addition the label indicates if files are current (Synchronized) or if they need to be published again (Republish).
When a WebSpeed server is configured with one or more projects in the workspace, it becomes an expandable node with each project module listed under it. Each project will have a label which indicates if the files are in sync with the project or if they need to be published again.
3. Select Publish in the context menu.
The publish target is specified in the server's configuration, which you can view and modify in the Server editor by double-clicking on the server name.
When you publish, all the project modules that need updating are published.