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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : Server editor for WebSpeed

Server editor for WebSpeed

You can launch a server editor by double-clicking a server name in the Servers view.
The following configuration options are available when you choose a WebSpeed server in the Server view:
General Information
Server Name
Specify the name to assign to the server and to display in the Servers view. The default name includes the OpenEdge version, the server type and the machine name.
Host Name
Specify localhost, the fully qualified DNS name, or the IP address of the host machine where the server is running. Note that this value is automatically determined when you choose a broker in the Broker name field.
Runtime Environment
Specify the name of the server runtime environment as defined in the Preferences page (Window > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environments).
The server runtime environments define the runtime environment of an application server for compiling your application.
To change the server runtime environment, click Runtime Environment.
Open launch configuration
Open the Edit Configuration dialog to check or change configuration settings for starting the server.
OpenEdge Explorer connection
Select a connection to OpenEdge Explorer. Click Configure to modify the existing connection or to add a new connection.
Broker name
Select an available broker.
To create a new broker, use OpenEdge Explorer. You cannot create a new broker in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
Never publish automatically
Select an automatic publishing option.
You can choose to publish after a resource change (that is, after a file save event), after a build event, or you can disable automatic publishing. Publishing occurs after the time specified in Publishing interval elapses.
Automatically publish when resources change
Automatically publish after a build event
Specify time limit for server operations
Publish Location
Use custom publish directory
Select to set a custom publish directory rather than publishing to the server working directory. If you choose to set the custom directory, type its location in the Publish directory field.
Publish source code
Choose to publish source code. This option is selected by default.
Publish r-code
Choose to publish r-code. This option is selected by default.
Compile on publish
Choose to compile code when you publish to a remote server, (Note that you can select this option only if the Publish r-code option is not selected.)
Compile options
Add any compile options, such as startup or other parameters. Specify each option with a space between its name and value, and also insert a space between each option.
Web Server URL
Web Server URL
Select to use the default URL associated with the WebSpeed broker. Note that you may need to edit the URL if the scripts folder of the Web server differs from the default: host_name/Scripts. For example, if you are using and Apache Web Server, the scripts folder is commonly: host_name/cgi-bin.
Web Server
Select to use a Web server other than the default. If there are no other Web servers available from the drop-down list, click Add. Then select Basic > HTTP Server to launch the New HTTP Server wizard.
Specify the folder on the Web server that contains the WebSpeed Messenger.
URL Preview
Shows the URL, based on the content of the Web Server and CGIIP URL fields, of the WebSpeed broker.