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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Reference : Progress OpenEdge project properties pages : PROPATH properties page
PROPATH properties page
To access the PROPATH properties page, right-click an OpenEdge project name in the Project Explorer view and choose Properties from the context menu. Expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and then click the PROPATH node.
Note: If you chose the shared AVM for the currently selected project, the settings on this property page will appear dimmed. They cannot be changed on this page, and they may also be inaccurate. You must go to the PROPATH page under the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page to view or to change these settings. Select Window > Preferences from the main menu bar. Then open Progress OpenEdge > Shared AVM > PROPATH from the tree view. Also, be aware that settings changed on the Shared OpenEdge AVM/PROPATH preference page affect all projects that use the shared AVM.
The PROPATH tab lets you control where the AVM searches for files and procedures.
The following controls are available on the PROPATH tab:
PROPATH viewer
Displays PROPATH settings in a tree view format. You can expand nodes to see more detail about a particular setting. It usually opens with a default list of typical settings, which you can modify with the controls on the left of the page.
The settings should include all locations that might contain files needed for your application, and should be arranged in an appropriate search order.
A PROPATH entry can be either a directory or a procedure library.
By default all PROPATH entries are part of the OpenEdge tooling. To exclude a PROPATH entry from OpenEdge tooling, select the Exclude from OpenEdge tooling node under the PROPATH entry that you want to exclude. The Exclude from OpenEdge tooling node appears as a child node for each PROPATH entry.
Move Up, Move Down
Changes the position in the list of a current entry, and thus changes the search order.
Deletes an entry from the list.
Changes the value of the current entry.
Add Procedure Library
Adds a procedure library from the selected project.
Add External Library
Adds a procedure library from the file system.
Add Workspace Directory
Adds a directory from the current workspace.
Add External Directory
Adds a directory from the file system.
Add Standard Paths
Displays a list of common locations that you can choose to add to your PROPATH setting.