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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Reference : Progress OpenEdge project properties pages

Progress OpenEdge project properties pages

The Properties dialog is where you specify the values that control the behavior of the currently selected project. This dialog appears when you select a project folder in the Project Explorer view and select Properties from the context menu, the Project menu (Project > Properties), or the File menu (File > Properties).
In a tree view on the left of the window, you can select project properties pages that apply to the Eclipse framework, to third party plugins, or to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The Progress OpenEdge node contains project properties pages that apply specifically to OpenEdge projects:
* Progress OpenEdge properties page
* AppBuilder properties page (Windows only)
* Assemblies properties page (Windows only)
* Build properties page
* Configuration Variables properties page
* Configuration Variables preferences
* Database Connections properties page
* File Destinations properties page
* Modules properties page
* PROPATH properties page
* SpeedScript properties page