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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Object Palette : Palette options
Palette options
Use the object Palette to insert basic objects, ActiveX objects, and SmartObject instances. You can also create SmartObject masters.
You can resize the Object Palette with your mouse, and you can also add custom basic objects and SmartObjects to the Palette.
Note: The object's Palette is available only with procedure .w file open in the ABL UI Designer window.
The object Palette includes the following controls:
Hide Palette
Collapses the Palette pane.
Show Palette
Expands the Palette pane.
Note: This option is available when you hide the object Palette.
Enables you to select an object on the design canvas and perform actions like resizing or double-clicking an object.
When you make a selection on the Palette, the insertion mode is activated and displays the pointer as an icon representing the basic object or SmartObject type being selected.
In insertion mode, the mouse pointer can only be used to draw and insert basic objects, SmartObject instances, and OCXs controls on the design canvas. In insertion mode, when the pointer is located on the design canvas, the GUI Designer displays the pointer as an icon corresponding to the object being inserted. You can lock an icon in insertion mode by double-clicking on an object icon in the Palette.
Includes the basic objects that you can insert on the design canvas.
Includes the OCX controls. The OCX controls are usually referred to as ActiveX controls.
Includes the SmartObjects which allows you to create SmartObject instances.