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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with objects Palette : Changing the Palette settings
Changing the Palette settings
The Palette Settings dialog enables you to modify the display of the objects in the Palette.
To change the Palette settings:
1. Right-click on the Palette and select Settings from the context menu. The Palette Settings dialog appears.
2. Click Change to open the Font dialog. This dialog allows you to change the font of the controls available on the Palette.
Note: If you want to restore the default font settings for the Palette controls, select Restore Defaults.
3. Select the layout type for the Palette options from the Layout section.
4. Select Use Large Icons check box to increase the size of the controls available on the Palette.
5. Select the drawer type from the Drawer options section. The drawer options allow you to set the layout of the sections (Widgets, OCX, and SmartObjects) in the Palette. The following options are available:
*Always close when opening another drawer
*Close automatically when there is not enough room
*Never close
6. Click OK.