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ActiveX objects
The OCX controls are usually referred to as ActiveX controls. These controls are self-contained units of functionality and content that are independent of the application in which they are used.
An ActiveX Control is defined in a special dynamic link library with an OCX extension or Object Component Extension. The ActiveX Controls include a wide variety of user interface components that are not available as native ABL widgets, such as spin box, enhanced combo box, and various dialog, meter, Internet-enabled, and picture controls.
The OCX section includes the following options:
Displays the Choose Control dialog which allows you to select an ActiveX control from the list.
Inserts an ActiveX spin control. Spin control allows you to set an Integer value. You can choose the upper or lower bounds of the range and the increment or decrement value.
Inserts an ActiveX combo box.
Inserts a timer that generates an event at some regular interval that you specify.
For more information, see Types of objects
Note: Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge on 64-bit Windows supports only the ActiveX control PSTimer. So Progress Software recommends that you continue to use the 32-bit version of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge if you extensively use other OCX controls such as CSCombo or CSList in your AppBuilder projects.