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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Choose Control dialog
Choose Control dialog
The Choose Control dialog allows you to insert an OCX control on the design window.
Access this dialog box by selecting OCX from the OCX section on the Palette.
This dialog includes the following options:
Available Controls
List of the registered ActiveX controls available on your system, and the three controls provided with OpenEdge: CSComboBox, CSSpin, and PSTimer.
Note: You can also access the three controls provided with OpenEdge directly from the GUI Designer Palette.
When you select a control, a preview of the control appears below the Available Controls list along with its corresponding complete path and filename.
Open the browse dialog to search for a control by filename from other directories on your system.
Insert the selected OCX control on the design window.
For more information, see ActiveX objects