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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Managing the WebSpeed Transaction Server

Managing the WebSpeed Transaction Server

OpenEdge Explorer is the primary tool for managing the WebSpeed Transaction server's brokers and agents. However, you can perform a few basic tasks (adding and trimming) agents from the context menu in the Servers view. In addition, you can perform many configuration tasks from the WebSpeed server's launch configuration. (Select Run > Run Configurations from the main menu bar to modify launch configuration settings.)
1. Start OpenEdge Explorer from the main menu bar (OpenEdge > Admin > OpenEdge Explorer) of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. In addition, you can start OpenEdge Explorer from the toolbar of the Progress OpenEdge Server Monitor view, or from the context menu of a server in the Servers view.
Note: When started, OpenEdge Explorer prompts for an administrator user name and password. The default is admin for both. After login, it runs in a browser embedded in the active perspective. For online help, click one of the help buttons in OpenEdge Explorer. If you change the administrator user name or password in OpenEdge Explorer, you must update the respective OpenEdge Explorer connections that exist in your workspace. OpenEdge Explorer connections enable publishing your application to WebSpeed servers.
2. To update OpenEdge Explorer connections:
a. Select Window > Preferences from the main menu bar of Progress Developer Studio.
b. Select Progress OpenEdge > Server > OpenEdge Explorer Connections from the tree view.
c. Select an existing OpenEdge Explorer connection name and click Edit.
d. Update the User name and Password fields for each existing connection.