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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Tasks : Changing project property profiles : Exporting and importing project resources and properties : Importing resources
Importing resources
There are several methods to import resources (files and folders) into a project:
1. Use the context menu in the Project Explorer view. The context menu contains the typical file system commands (such as Copy and Paste). By navigating in the Project Explorer tree view, you can use these commands to copy or move file resources from one project to another.
2. Use the import (File > Import > General > File System) or export (File > Export > General > File System) wizard to manage file and folder resources.
3. In the New File or New Folder dialog (see Adding new resources to a project), click the Advanced button. Select Link to folder (or File) in the file system and browse to find the file that you want to include in your project.
Note: When you copy a file from one project to another, any breakpoints that existed in the original are not preserved in the copy. However, you can export breakpoints to an XML file and then import breakpoints to a file in another project.