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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Tasks : Changing project property profiles : Exporting and importing project resources and properties : Importing breakpoints
Importing breakpoints
When you copy a project from one workspace to another, any breakpoints that existed in the original are not preserved in the copy. However, you can export breakpoints from a workspace to an XML file and then import those breakpoints to projects in another workspace.
To import breakpoints from one workspace to another:
1. Start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge in the workspace that is the source of the breakpoint information.
2. Choose File > Export > General > Breakpoints.
3. Click Next and the Export Breakpoints dialog appears.
4. Select the breakpoints you want to export from the checklist. Breakpoints from files in all open projects are listed.
5. Specify the path name of the file where you want to export the breakpoints.
6. Click Finish and the breakpoints are saved to an XML file. By default, a .bkpt extension is added to the file name.
7. Start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge in the workspace where you want to import the breakpoint information.
8. Choose File > Import > General > Breakpoints.
9. Click Next and the Import Breakpoints dialog appears.
10. Browse and select the breakpoint file specified in Step 4.
11. Click Finish. The breakpoints are added to the appropriate files.
Note: Breakpoints are only imported for existing resources. The project and the actual resource file must exist in the current workspace before you can import breakpoints. No warning message is displayed when the import fails because the resource does not exist.