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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Tasks : Changing project property profiles : Exporting and importing project resources and properties : Exporting projects
Exporting projects
You can use basic Eclipse Export/Import functionality to create an archive of a project that can be distributed to other systems or to other users.
To export a project:
1. Do the following before exporting a project:
a. Click Share Settings on the Custom properties sheet to create a project.xml file in your project folder.
b. Export any workspace level database connection profiles using the Export Workspace Database Connections dialog. The profile information goes to an XML file which you must import separately from the project archive.
2. To create an archive of the project:
a. Select File > Export > General > Archival File.
b. Select the project name and all project files in the Archive File dialog. Be sure to include all "dot" files (.propath, .dbconnection, etc.) and the project.xml file.
c. Specify the path and the name of the archive file.
d. Select the archive format (tar or zip) and any other options you require.
e. Click Finish.