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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Tasks : Changing project property profiles : Exporting and importing project resources and properties : Importing database connections
Importing database connections
You can import database connection information from one workspace to another. This eliminates the task of manually duplicating connection profiles. First you export connection information from a workspace to an XML file. Then, you can import that XML file to another workspace.
To import connection information:
1. Start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge in the workspace where the connection information will be imported.
2. Select File > Import. The Import dialog appears.
3. Choose the Progress OpenEdge/Database Connections node. The Import Workspace Database Connections dialog appears.
4. In the From database connection file field, enter the name of the database connection file that you want to import.The database connection file is an XML file created in the Export Workspace Database Connections dialog.
5. Select the Ignore duplicate connections checkbox to suppress the listing of connections that already exist in your workspace.The Database connections browse shows a list of the connections that are defined in the database connection file. You can select any or all of the connections from the list
6. Click Finish and the imported connections will be available to the projects in your workspace.