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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Reference : Progress OpenEdge Import and Export wizards : Export workspace database connections page
Export workspace database connections page
The Export workspace database connections page of the Export wizard allows you to export connection information from a workspace to an XML file.
To access this page, select File > Export, expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and select the Database connections node.
Note: You can also access this page by clicking Export on the Database connections preferences page.
The following controls are available on the Export workspace database connections page:
Database connections
Displays a list of the configured database connections, along with their associated attributes.
To select the database connections to be exported to the XML file, select their corresponding check boxes.
Connection string
Displays the database startup parameters for the connection selected in the Database Connections viewer. Click a connection name in the viewer to select it.
For more information about OpenEdge database startup parameters, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration. You can find OpenEdge manuals in the Product Documentation section of the Progress Software Developer's Network Web site.
Select All
Selects all database connections.
Deselect All
Deselects all database connections.
To database connection file
Specifies the target location for the exported XML file.
Type the path, select a previous path from the drop down list, or browse to select a path and file name on the file system.
Overwrite existing files without warning
Replaces the existing database connections files without a warning message.
If the specified database connections file already exists in the file system, you will be prompted to overwrite the file. Select this option if you do not want to be prompted.
Exclude user ID and password
Prevents user ID or password information from being included in the exported XML file.
Select this option if you are exporting connection information to some other user.