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Introducing the ABL Editor : Reference : ABL Editor preferences : Editor Annotations options
Editor Annotations options
The Annotations page (Progress OpenEdge > Editor > Annotations) of the Editor preferences lets you maintain a list of stored annotations that you can insert into ABL source files.
The page includes the following options:
Annotation names
Lists all stored annotation templates. This list appears in the Adding annotations to source filesAdd Annotation wizard.
To browse through long lists, select a template and then drag the cursor up or down.
Annotation text
Displays the text of the selected template. A template can include more than one annotation.
Note: The templates that ship with the Annotation Generator contain two specially coded preprocessors, %FILENAME% and %MODULE%. %FILENAME% expands to the file name, including the extension. %MODULE% expands to the name of the directory where the file is stored. These are the only preprocessors the tool can expand. The tool does not support customer-created preprocessors.
Launches the New Annotation dialog.
Note: The New Annotation dialog does not check the syntax of the template you create.
Launches the Edit Annotation dialog for the selected annotation.
Note: The Edit Annotation dialog does not check the syntax of the template you create.
Removes the selected template from the internal template list. If you have exported your templates to a file, the template can be recovered by importing that file.
Overwrites the current annotation templates with the contents of an external .dat file.
Saves the current annotation templates to an external .dat file.
Apply stores your changes to the current workspace configuration. Restore Defaults resets the preferences to the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge defaults.