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Introducing the ABL Editor : Reference : Code-generation wizards : Add Annotation wizard
Add Annotation wizard
The Add Annotation wizard lets you add a new or existing ABL annotation to a selected set of ABL procedure and include files in open projects in your workspace.
This wizard appears when you select Source > Add Annotation> from the main menu bar or the ABL Editor context (right-click) menu, or when you select Progress OpenEdge > Add Annotation from the context menu for the Project Explorer view or the ABL Editor. The following controls are available:
Annotation selector
Displays a drop-down list of currently defined annotations available for use. You can manage the contents of this list at the Annotations preferences page.
Annotation template editor
Displays and lets you edit the content of the annotation to be inserted. The Edit button opens a dialog that supports changes specific to ESB annotations; this button is not active for other annotation types.
Available resources filter
Lets you filter the list of resources displayed in the treeview below.
Available resources list
On the first page of the wizard - Lets you select the files to which the annotation is to be added. If you finish the wizard without making any entries on the second page, the annotation is inserted at the beginning of each selected file.
Note: If the selected annotation is ESB - Main, class files do not appear in the resources list because the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB does not support class files.
On the second page of the wizard - Lets you select specific points (functions, procedures, and data members within the selected files) where the annotation is to be added.
Show selected
If checked, filters the list of available resources to show only those that you have selected.
Back up selected resources
If checked, enables the Location field to let you specify a directory where copies of the original (un-annotated) selected resources are stored.
Optionally specifies a directory for backup copies of the selected resources.