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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Using annotations : Adding annotations to source files
Adding annotations to source files
Annotations are metadata contained in source files. Use the Add Annotation wizard to add annotations to specified files.
To add an annotation:
1. Open the Add Annotation wizard by choosing Source > Add Annotation from the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge main menu.
Note: In a file that is open in the ABL editor, you can right-click and choose Source > Add Annotation or Progress OpenEdge > Add Annotation from the context menu. You can also right-click in the Project Explorer view and choose Progress OpenEdge > Add Annotation.
2. Select an annotation template from the combo-box. If you are adding ESB annotations, the first option in the drop-down list, see the next topic for detailed instructions.
3. You can modify the annotation text of the selected annotation in the text area provided below the annotation.
4. Check the files to which you want to add the annotation in the Available Resources tree view. You can use the Filter to narrow your choices.
Note: Class files are not available in the list of resources if the selected annotation template is ESB - Main. The OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB does not support class files.
5. Click Finish to add top-level annotations to the selected files. Click Next if you want to add annotations to specific procedures or functions.
6. If you click Next, you can select available procedures, user-defined functions, and methods from the Available Resources tree view. Click Finish to add the annotations.
Note: Select the Back up selected resources option to save files prior to applying an annotation. When using this function, you must specify the location of the backup.