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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Tasks : Working with OpenEdge databases : Viewing and maintaining OpenEdge database schema : Working with multi-tenant sequences : Editing multi-tenant sequences
Editing multi-tenant sequences
To change the properties of a multi-tenant sequence in an OpenEdge database connected to DB Navigator:
1. Under the SEQUENCES node in the DB Structure view, select a multi-tenant sequence name.
2. Right-click and select Edit Sequence from the context menu.
3. Change properties in the Edit Sequence wizard .
Note: When you use the Edit Sequence wizard to edit a multi-tenant sequence, the Multi-tenant check box is selected and disabled to ensure that you do not change the sequence to a shared sequence; it is unchecked and disabled when you edit a sequence for database that is not enabled for multitenancy; it is unchecked and enabled when you edit a shared sequence. Also, you cannot edit the name of a multi-tenant sequence once it is created.
4. Click Finish.