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OpenEdge Add/Edit Sequence wizard
The Add/Edit Sequence wizard allows you to set the properties for new ABL sequences or to modify the properties of existing ABL sequences in an OpenEdge database.
Display the Add/Edit Sequence wizard from a context menu in the DB Structure view.
The Add/Edit Sequence wizard allows you to set the following properties:
Specifies the name of a new or existing sequence. Sequence names must follow certain conventions.
Note: You cannot edit the name of a multi-tenant sequence once it is created.
Initial Value
Specifies the first integer in the sequence. The default initial value is zero.
Increment by
Specifies a positive or negative integer value that changes the sequence value at each iteration. When you enter a negative value, the Upper Limit label changes to Lower Limit.
Upper/Lower Limit
Specifies an integer value that defines the upper or lower limit of the sequence, or the default value of unknown (?).
When you specify a positive value for the Increment by field, you can define only an upper limit. If you specify a negative value, you can specify only a lower limit. You cannot specify an upper limit that is less than the initial value. Likewise, you cannot specify a lower limit that is greater than the initial value.
If you accept the default, the maximum integer value on your system is used as the defined upper limit and the minimum integer value is used as the defined lower limit.
Cycle at limit
Specifies a value that defines the limit of the sequence. When the sequence reaches this value, it starts again at the value defined in Initial Value.
Creates a multi-tenant sequence.
Note: For more information about sequences, see the ABL manuals in the OpenEdge Product Documentation section of the Progress Communities Web site.