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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Tasks : Using the Customization Editor : Editing and deleting options
Editing and deleting options
After adding custom options with the Customization Editor, you can use the same tool to edit or remove them. Follow these steps:
1. In the OpenEdge Editor perspective, open the Customization Editor by selecting OpenEdge > Tools > Customization Editor.
2. In the Available Extension Points tree view, expand the appropriate node by clicking the plus symbol (+), and select the entry you want to change.
3. Make the desired changes in the Details section, or click Remove to delete the entry.
4. Save your changes (Select File > Save or click ).
5. To make the changes effective, click (rightmost on the Customization Editor toolbar) to reset the OpenEdge Editor perspective. Then, click Yes in the restart prompt that appears. Your changes do not take effect until you restart Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.