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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Tasks : Using the Customization Editor : Adding menu and toolbar commands
Adding menu and toolbar commands
You use the Customization Editor to add ABL programs to the OpenEdge Editor perspective menu bar or toolbar, or to the ABL Editor context (right-click) menu. After adding options, you can also use this tool to edit or remove them.
Follow these steps to add a program to the menus or toolbar:
1. In the OpenEdge Editor perspective, open the Customization Editor by selecting OpenEdge > Tools > Customization Editor.
2. In the Available Extension Points tree view, click either Menu/Toolbar Entries or Editor Context Menu.
If you select Menu/Toolbar Entries, you can change the menu label, which by default is Extensibility. This is the label that will appear on the menu bar. To designate a character in the label as a shortcut key in combination with the Alt key, enter an ampersand (&) before that character. (For example, if you keep the default value, Extensibility, pressing Alt+Y opens the menu.)
3. Click Add. As a shortcut to skip steps 2 and 3, click or on the Customization Editor toolbar to add a menu/toolbar entry or a context menu entry, respectively
4. Enter the appropriate values for the fields that appear under Action Details. See the Customization Editor reference help for detailed information about these fields.
5. If you want the program to run as a persistent procedure, check the Run persistent option at the bottom.
6. If you selected Menu/Toolbar Entries in step 2, click the appropriate radio button in the Action appearance section to indicate whether the option should be placed on the menu, the toolbar, or both.
7. Save your changes (Select File > Save or click ).
8. To make the newly added option available immediately, click (rightmost on the Customization Editor toolbar) to reset the OpenEdge Editor perspective. Then, click Yes in the restart prompt that appears. Your changes do not take effect until you restart Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.