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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Defining properties and appearance : Positioning objects on a container : Directly moving objects by dragging or by using the arrow keys
Directly moving objects by dragging or by using the arrow keys
You can move a selected object or set of objects either by dragging with the mouse or by using the arrow keys.
Visual Designer preference settings
The precise way the direct-moving techniques work depends on your Visual Designer preference settings. You work in one of two layout modes, Snap to grid (the default setting) or Snap lines:
*Snap-to-grid mode - The grid underlying the Design Canvas is activated, and grid-related options become available. These options help you achieve consistent spacing and alignment of controls. If you enable the Snap To Grid option, the top left corner of any control that you place or move on the form automatically aligns to the nearest intersection of horizontal and vertical grid lines. See the reference topic on the Visual Designer Preferences page for details about these options.
*Snap-lines mode- The grid is inactive (although its height and width values still have meaning for some spacing commands). When you place or move an object on the form, the object snaps into alignment with the nearest control, and horizontal or vertical lines appear to highlight the aligned reference points (for example, the top edges, the right edges, or the text baselines). You can override the automatic alignment, if you wish, by simply moving the object.
To move one or more objects with the mouse, select them and then move the cursor over one of the selected objects. When the cursor appears as a four-way arrow , press and hold the primary mouse button, drag to the desired position, and release the mouse button. If the Snap to grid option is enabled, placement of the objects is constrained accordingly. If you are working in snap-lines mode, you may see horizontal or vertical alignment lines as the objects you are moving approach other objects on the form.
Moving with arrow keys
You can also select one or more objects and then use the arrow keys to move them up, down, left, or right. If the Snap To Grid option is enabled, each time you press an arrow key, the objects move to the next grid alignment position. Otherwise, each arrow-key press moves the objects one pixel.
Locking control positions
Once you have positioned controls the way you want them, you can lock them to protect against their being moved. To do so, right-click on the Design Canvas and select Lock Controls. (This option does not apply to controls that you add after you invoke the locking option.) A locked control shows a small padlock icon at its top left corner when selected. To turn off the option, select Lock Controls from the context menu again.