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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Defining properties and appearance : Positioning objects on a container : Docking objects
Docking objects
Docking locks an object in place along the full length of one edge of its parent object, or causes the object to fill the entire area of the parent object. You can set an object's docking state (the default is None) in the Properties view. Docking an object disables the ability to move or align it. You can resize a docked object only by moving the one edge that is not adjacent to an edge of the parent object.
To dock a child object in a parent object:
1. Add the parent object (for example, a Panel control). Skip this step if you are docking a control to the form itself.
2. Place the child object inside the parent object.
3. Select the child object.
4. In the Properties view, click the Properties tab and find the Dock property in the grid.
5. Click in the right column of the row and then click the down arrow that appears at the right edge of the cell. A rectangular diagram appears with buttons representing the possible docking positions:
6. Click the button corresponding to the docking option you want. If you choose the large button in the center, the docked object will completely fill the parent object.