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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Managing Eclipse WTP servers : Creating an HTTP server
Creating an HTTP server
An HTTP server manages the publishing of the source and r-code of static files to a directory on the Web server. You can also use the HTTP server as the Web server parameter when you create a WebSpeed server.
To create an HTTP server:
1. From the main menu bar of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, select File > New > Server. The New Server wizard appears.
An alternative method is to right-click on the Servers view in the OpenEdge Servers perspective and select New > Server from the context menu.
2. On the first page of the wizard, expand the Basic node.
3. Select HTTP Server.
4. If necessary, change the defaults for Server's host name, Server name, and/or Server runtime environment.
5. Click Next. The HTTP Server page opens.
6. If necessary, change the port number, add a URL prefix, or disable publishing (only if there is no static content).
7. Click Next. The Add and Remove page opens.
8. Add any of the available projects that you want to associate with this server to the Configured list.
9. Click Finish. The HTTP server appears in the Servers view.