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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Tasks : Modeling components : Editing a component : Adding new data structures
Adding new data structures
To add a new data structure to the component you are editing:
1. Click an item in the New Components drawer of the palette.
2. Move the cursor to the area of the canvas where you want to place the item, and click again.
Depending on the component type, you must place it either inside a component rectangle (for example, when adding a column to a table) or on a blank area of the canvas (for example, when adding a temp table to a ProDataSet.) The cursor appears as an arrow when it is over a valid area to place the component.
3. New components appear in the diagram with default names. To change the name of a component, click the name once to select it, click it again to make it editable, and type the new name. Alternatively, select the component whose name you want to change, and edit its Name value in the Properties view.
Editing indexes
In the Properties view for an index component, you can specify the columns to be indexed and other attributes.
To edit the values:
1. Select the index in the diagram.
2. Open the Properties view and click in the Value column to the right of IndexProperties (under Attributes). An ellipsis button ( ) appears at the right side of the column. Click this button to open the Index Properties dialog.
3. Enter the index name in the field at the top.
4. Either click Word, or click one or both of Primary and Unique, to specify the type of index.
5. Select one or more columns in the Available Columns list on the left and click Add to add them to the index and move them to the Selected Columns list on the right.
6. Select columns on the right and use the Ascending and Descending radio buttons to specify sorting order; use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the sequence.