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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Tasks : Modeling components : Editing a component : Adding annotations
Adding annotations
You can add annotations to a temp table or ProDataset component in a diagram so that the annotations will be included in the generated code.
Annotations are used to store metadata that allows the source code to be indexed in one or more catalogs. See the Meta Catalog volume in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge help for detailed information about catalogs and annotations.
To add an annotation to a component:
1. Create or edit a diagram.
2. In the Other drawer of the Component Designer palette, click New Annotation.
3. Click on the temp table or ProDataset to which you want to add the annotation.
The annotation is added to the diagram with placeholder values for the annotation name and the name-value pair for a single attribute. Annotation syntax is:
@annotation_name [(attribute = "value"[,attribute = "value"]...)]
To edit the values:
1. Select the annotation in the diagram.
2. Open the Properties view and click in the Value column to the right of Annotation Properties (under Attributes). An ellipsis button () appears at the right side of the column. Click this button to open the Annotation Properties dialog.
3. Enter the annotation name in the field at the top.
4. Click the text in the Key column and enter the attribute name.
5. Click the text in the Value column and enter the attribute value.
6. Use the New entry and Remove entry buttons to add more attributes or to delete previously entered attributes.
7. Click OK.