Defining a launch configuration

Use the Configurations wizard to set all desired options for a new launch configuration or to edit an existing configuration.

  1. To open the Configurations wizard, click the down arrow on either the Run button or the Debug button on the main toolbar to open the drop-down menu. Then select Run Configurations or Debug Configurations. Alternatively, right-click in the ABL Editor and select Run As > Run Configurations or Debug As > Debug Configurations.
    Note: For the purpose of defining a configuration, it makes no difference whether you use a Run command or a Debug command to open the wizard. In both cases, the wizard gives you access to all existing configuration definitions, and the process of creating or editing a configuration is identical.
  2. Select the desired launch configuration type from the tree view in the left pane. The launch configuration types are: Progress OpenEdge Application, Progress OpenEdge AppServer, Progress OpenEdge WebSpeed, and Progress External OpenEdge Application (for Debug Configurations only).
  3. To create a new launch configuration, click on the wizard toolbar and enter a name for the configuration in the Name field.
  4. To edit an existing configuration, select it in the tree view in the left pane. The wizard includes tabs labeled Main, Startup, PROPATH, Databases, ABL, Culture, Performance, Logging, Environment, Common, Server,Source, Security, and Connection. Set values as necessary for options on all tabs. In many cases you need to specify only a few settings, as the default values are appropriate. These defaults are generally copied from settings for the project or the operating system, or from the file in your OpenEdge root directory.
  5. After setting the desired options, click Apply to save the configuration. You also have the option of using the configuration immediately by clicking Run or Debug.
A few things to keep in mind. Be aware of the following considerations: