Startup tab (Application)

The Startup tab in the Progress OpenEdge Application section of the Configurations wizard contains many of the most commonly used startup parameters for an ABL application launch configuration. See Progress OpenEdge Application settings for information about accessing the wizard.

The following controls are available on the Startup tab:

Control Purpose Related parameter (if applicable)
Name (accessible from all tabs) (Required) Specifies the name of the launch configuration, which appears on menus and in the left pane of the Configurations wizard.  
Session startup parameter Optionally specifies a string to be passed to the AVM as an argument to the -param startup parameter when the configuration starts. Parameter (-p)
Ini file Optionally specifies an initialization file (full path or path relative to the working directory) containing environment settings for the AVM session. Initialization File (-ininame)
Use project settings If checked, causes the configuration to use the same settings as the project (specified on the Main tab) for the assemblies directory and for loading of the Common Language Runtime.  
Assemblies directory Optionally specifies the directory (full path or path relative to the working directory) containing the assemblies.xml file and any third-party .NET assemblies. If this field is blank, the working directory for the specified project is assumed. This field is disabled if Use project settings is checked. Assemblies (-asemblies)
Preload CLR If checked, causes OpenEdge to load the .NET Common Language Runtime on startup of the configuration. Preload CLR (-preloadCLR)
Enable Progress Dynamics If checked, enables use of the Dynamics framework under the configuration. Also:
  • Specify icfstart.p as the startup program on the Main tab.
  • Include the -icfparam parameter in the Additional startup parameters field below.
Dynamics Parameter (-icfparam)
Configuration file (Required if Enable Progress Dynamics is selected) Specifies the full or relative (to the working directory) path to the Dynamics icfconfig.xml file.  
Session type Specifies the Dynamics session type to be used under the configuration.  
Additional startup parameters Optionally specifies any desired parameters (with values) not included elsewhere in this configuration definition. Do not include the -p parameter in this field.  
Apply Saves the current launch configuration definition.  
Revert Revert  
Run or Debug Runs the specified startup program or opens it in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger.  
Close Closes the Configurations wizard.