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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Comparing PAS for OpenEdge to the OpenEdge AppServer

Comparing PAS for OpenEdge to the OpenEdge AppServer

The PAS for OpenEdge can run the same ABL applications that run on the OpenEdge AppServer. However, PAS for OpenEdge is not an updated version of the OpenEdge AppServer. Progress Application Server for OpenEdge is a Web server based on Apache Tomcat. You install, configure, and monitor it as a Web server.
You can migrate existing ABL application code from the OpenEdge AppServer to PAS for OpenEdge fairly easily. However, you will need to package and redeploy your ABL application as a Web application.
On the client side, PAS for OpenEdge responds to requests from HTTP/HTTPS clients.
* Comparing the architecture of the OpenEdge AppServer and PAS for OpenEdge
* Properties files
* Logging
* Operating modes and session types
* Transports replace adapters
* Broker/Agent architectures
* Scaling the server
* ABL Sessions