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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Comparing PAS for OpenEdge to the OpenEdge AppServer : Transports replace adapters

Transports replace adapters

To provide HTTP/HTTPS client access to Web services associated with a classic OpenEdge AppServer, you must install WSA (SOAP) or REST adapters on a separate Web server. HTTP/HTTPS client access to OpenEdge applications that are not deployed as Web services requires the installation of an AIA adapter on a separate Web server.
In Progress Application Server for OpenEdge, support for HTTP/HTTPS Web services and OpenEdge applications is included in an instance's default /webapps/ROOT application. The root application contains transports that support SOAP, REST, WEB, and APSV (equivalent to AIA) access. Since PAS for OpenEdge is a Web server, there is no need to install and configure adapters on a separate Web server.
Each transport, or protocol, is accessed via a default URL path in an instance. The defaults (which you can change) are listed in the following table:
Table 2. Default transport URL
URL path
Supports the OpenEdge AppServer protocol over HTTP
Supports REST RPC over CFX and Camel
Support SOAP 1,1
Supports WebSpeed applications