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Introducing PAS for OpenEdge
Comparing PAS for OpenEdge to the OpenEdge AppServer : Properties files

Properties files

Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OE) is not a unified broker product. Unlike the OpenEdge AppServer, PAS for OE does not use a file to hold configuration information. There is no shared properties file that can be referenced by multiple PAS server instances.
Each instance of PAS for OE has its own /conf directory that contains multiple configuration files, including openedge.propertes. The openedge.propertes file is similar in format to It contains some of the same properties as , and some PAS-specific properties. Some of the unified broker properties either do not apply or operate differently in the context of PAS for OpenEdge. See the /conf/ file for more information.
In addition to openedge.propertes, an PAS for OpenEdge instance's /conf directory contains the following properties files:
*appserver.propertes — Specifies Java properties used by PAS for OE and Web applications. See /conf/appserver.propertes.README for more information.
* — Specifies Java system properties used by the TCMAN administration utilities and by deployed Web applications. See /conf/catalina.propertes.README for more information.
* — Contains a list of JVM startup command line options.
See Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration guide for more information about adding and modifying properties.