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Monitoring Plans and Rules for Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters : Maintaining monitoring plans : Updating monitoring plans

Updating monitoring plans

This section describes how to access and update a monitoring plan and associated rules using the AppServer broker resource as the example.
To update an AppServer broker resource monitoring plan:
1. From the grid frame for Resources, click the Edit icon to display the details page for the AppServer broker instance whose resource monitor you want to update. See Accessing OpenEdge Management resource information. In this example, the AppServer broker resource asbroker1 is selected.
2. Click Monitoring Plans in the Command and control section of the OpenEdge Management Details page. In this example, the Monitoring Plans page for AppServer broker resource asbroker1 appears:
3. Select the specific schedule associated with the plan that you want to update. Click Edit associated with that plan. The following page appears when you choose to edit the Default Schedule Plan:
4. Update the monitoring plan values for this resource, as described here:
a. Change current values in these fields: Available Schedules, Polling Interval, or Alerts Enabled.
b. Select a specific rule or rule set to add, update, or remove from this plan. For details, go to Step 5.
c. Change the setting of the Trend Performance Data option. However, note that this option is required to ensure that data gathered using data collection is trended to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. For WebSpeed broker-related details, see Properties. For AppServer broker-related details, see Properties.
d. Click Advanced Settings to see all trend value settings, as shown:
5. Click the individual rule to display details about that rule, including alert severity, action to perform upon the firing of the alert, and a brief description of the rule.
For example, click Add Rule in the Rules selected for this plan section of the Default_Schedule Monitoring Plan page. The Available Rules page for rules that are specific to the OpenEdge resource appears. In this example, the rules associated with an AppServer broker resource appear:
The Available Rules page contains a dynamic list that includes only those rules not yet applied to a given monitoring plan.
Note: The step to select rules for each OpenEdge resource is the same. However, each OpenEdge resource has a unique Available Rules page. For more information about each set of rules, see Understanding and using resource monitor rules.
6. Click the rule you want to add. For example, if you select Process CPU High,the detailed rule information shown in the following dialog box appears:
Note the rule's description at the bottom of the rule page.
7. Update any unique values you want to define for this instance of the rule. Note that using this procedure as a guide, none of the steps in this procedure required you to enter values for these fields. Although these fields serve different purposes, they all can display default values.
This rule is associated only with this particular plan. When you update another plan with the same rule, you can select values that are appropriate for that particular plan.
The Threshold field associated with this page indicates the actual rule criterion. For details about rules, see Understanding and using resource monitor rules. The remaining fields on this page are alert- and action-related fields. For details, see OpenEdge Management: Alerts Guide and Reference.
8. Click Save. The Available Rules page reappears. Repeat Step 6 and Step 7 in the above step for each additional rule you want to apply to this plan. After you add and define the criteria for each rule you want to add, click Done Adding Rules on the Available Rules page.
9. Click Select Rule Sets in the Rules selected for this plan section of the Default_Schedule Monitoring Plan page to choose the rule sets you want to add to the monitoring plan. OpenEdge Management displays the default rule set for the resource type you are updating, and any additional rule sets created (if applicable) using the OpenEdge Management Component Library. See the for details Working with rule sets.
10. Click Save. The updated monitoring plan appears in the monitoring plan definition on the top of the Monitoring Plan summary page.