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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Modifying WebSpeed control settings : WebSpeed Control page content : Properties
The Properties section displays the status of two user-defined, broker-related properties, Enabled and Collect Statistics:
*The Enabled option indicates that this broker resource recognizes a monitoring plan and its associated rules when the broker resource is active.
During the discovery process, all WebSpeed brokers that OpenEdge Management discovers and lists in the list frame under the WebSpeed category are enabled by default. Once a broker is enabled, OpenEdge Management uses the OpenEdge Management-supplied default values to establish a monitoring plan and rules. (You can customize the plan and rules at any time.)
*The Collect Statistics option enables data collection to occur in the WebSpeed broker. OpenEdge Management uses this data to identify the broker's performance. If you do not select the Collect Statistics option (that is, True status) for a specific broker, OpenEdge Management displays only non-statistical data such as Status and PID (pid number) on the various WebSpeed broker pages. Polled rules are not evaluated and data is not trended.
*The Collect Statistics value plays a central role in data collection. See the Data collection details for more information.
A check mark indicates that the individual property is set.
Note: To set the Broker statistics available option to a True status for a specific broker, you must enable the Collect Statistics option. See the procedure in the Data collection details.