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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Modifying WebSpeed control settings : Changing WebSpeed broker controls : Data collection details
Data collection details
Data collection ensures that broker-related performance statistics can be trended to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. Options and conditions available on the WebSpeed Control page and the WebSpeed broker resource monitoring plan must be fulfilled to successfully implement data collection.
On the WebSpeed Control page, these conditions include:
*Selecting the Collect Statistics check box.
*Starting, or stopping and restarting the WebSpeed broker. You must explicitly perform this step on the WebSpeed Control page to effect this change.
*Verifying that the value True appears in the Broker statistics available field. (OpenEdge Management automatically updates this field when it detects that the Collect Statistics option is enabled after you have started, or stopped and restarted, the WebSpeed broker.)
In the WebSpeed broker monitoring plan definition, you must also check the Trend Performance Data option.
Note: You are not required to use trending with the data collection activity. However, without the Trend Performance Data option selected, you cannot trend data. Data trended to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database is required for WebSpeed-related rule evaluation, graphical displays, and report generation.
For information about the Trend Performance Data option and monitoring plans for WebSpeed broker resources, see the same information for AppServer brokers in Managing AppServer Internet Adapter Data.
Note: Using data collection might cause the Web Speed broker to exhibit some level of performance degradation, memory degradation, or both.
To set the options to perform data collection in a WebSpeed broker:
1. Review the current setting of the Collect Statistics field in the Properties section of the WebSpeed Control page; a check mark indicates that the property is set.
If the Collect Statistics field is not checked, click Edit. Select the Collect Statistics option. Click Save.
2. Stop and restart the WebSpeed broker you want to update.
Note: The Collect Statistics field can be modified dynamically, provided you have selected the Enable dynamic property updates option in the WebSpeed broker's configuration properties. For details, see OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration..
The Broker statistics available field in the Broker summary section will display True if the broker restarted successfully. The True value indicates that you have successfully set data collection and that broker statistical data is now available to be stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database.