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Analyzing OpenEdge Application Performance : Overview


System administrators deal with a variety of situations that threaten the performance, and even the availability, of a production system. Small resource issues can become bigger issues if left unaddressed. Larger resource problems can threaten the health of the system, jeopardizing critical business operations.
To track and respond to resource situations, system administrators need the correct data from which to determine corrective action. Regardless of the type of problem that might occur, each situation requires investigation and a solid recovery plan based on valid data. With the right data, a system administrator can determine options and plan short- or long-term strategies and solutions. Every strategy should include a solid recovery plan.
The following sections describe:
*Investigating application performance issues
This section provides a model for administrators to use.
*OpenEdge Management in the workplace
Using the fictitious company XYZ Corporation, information in this section provides background for the performance scenarios that follow. Both scenarios use the AppServer as a key component.
*Planning an application performance review
This sample scenario shows how one administrator's proactive work practices using OpenEdge Management reports help to uncover clues about application performance changes and degradation.
*Responding to an application crisis
This sample scenario highlights how the use of various OpenEdge Management features can help administrators quickly analyze and respond to a system or application problem.
Note: These scenarios are intentionally limited in scope. They are provided to help you understand some of the general principles by which OpenEdge Management features can be used to investigate and troubleshoot. Keep in mind that elements such as your company's application and database designs will potentially play a larger role in performance issues than is described in these fictitious circumstances.