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Analyzing OpenEdge Application Performance : Planning an application performance review

Planning an application performance review

As a matter of good practice, the system administrator at XYZ Corporation is always on the watch for ways to improve the application's performance. With a high volume of data entry taking place between 9 AM and 6 PM on the system, and most of the procedures distributed and run remotely on an AppServer, the users expect a consistently high level of application performance and availability. The administrator has learned over time how to deliver system availability that is consistent with this goal, and has come to learn that the application's performance depends on the effectiveness of four key elements:
*The application's integrity
*The application's efficiency
*The database and servers responsiveness
*The network's responsiveness
Of course, other technological elements might be considered, but these four remain of primary concern. The administrator is most concerned with OpenEdge Management performance indicators that relate to these elements so as to take action on any potential performance issue before it affects the users and their ability to perform their jobs.
* Problem definition
* Initial investigation
* Drilling deeper into OpenEdge Management-supplied data
* Testing and documenting your potential solutions