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Historical Reports : Customizing graphical output : Graphical output environment variables

Graphical output environment variables

There are two environment variables that control how graphs display in HTML report output:
*GRAPH1COLUMNS — Used with report output associated with either a single resource or multiple resources. For example:
*For instances reporting on single resources, GRAPH1COLUMNS controls the number of columns displayed in the graph. For example, most historical reports are designed to display graphical data in HTML output associated with report-related default fields. However, by adding the variable GRAPH1COLUMNS followed by other fields associated with a report, you can customize the graphic report output. See Single resource output for an example.
*For instances reporting on multiple resources, GRAPH1COLUMNS controls the number of graphs displayed. The output will contain one graph for each output category you indicate. Always enter the names of the output categories in quotes.
*fathomResourcesPerGraph — Used with report instances that report on multiple resources. This variable controls the number of resources displayed in each graph. The default number of resources displayed is five.
Note: Only AppServer and WebSpeed reports allow you to report on multiple resources.
* Single resource output
* Multiple resources output