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Resource Monitoring
Preface : Organization


Resource Monitoring with OpenEdge Management
Provides an overview of resource monitoring and OpenEdge Management terminology.
Creating Collections and Collection Views in OpenEdge Management
Describes the My Dashboard page and provides information about creating collections of resources and collection views that focus specifically on OpenEdge Management monitoring data you find most valuable.
Setting up Resource Monitoring
Describes how to set up a resource monitor, including its properties, monitoring plan, schedule, and rules. The chapter also touches briefly on OpenEdge Management alerts and then describes OpenEdge Management actions that occur in response to alerts. Also included is information about default resource monitor values and using the Configuration Advisor with a disk, CPU, memory, or file system resource.
Monitoring System Resources
Describes the default values OpenEdge Management provides for system resources and the resource rules.
Monitoring Network Resources
Describes the default values OpenEdge Management provides for network resources and how to create network resource monitors.
Monitoring File Resources
Describes how to create a log file resource monitor (to monitor file contents) and a file resource monitor (to monitor file characteristics).
Creating Jobs and Job Templates
Describes how to create, edit, copy, schedule, run, or delete a OpenEdge Management job. The chapter provides information about creating job templates, reviewing scheduled jobs, reviewing running jobs, and reviewing job history.
Exporting and Importing in OpenEdge Management
Describes how to export and import sharable OpenEdge Management Library components, which can help reduce duplication of effort and improve consistency among machines.