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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Creating a resource monitoring plan : Choosing a schedule for the monitoring plan : Creating a new schedule
Creating a new schedule
You can create a new schedule from the OpenEdge Management Component Library page.
To create a new schedule:
1. In the OpenEdge Management console menu, choose one:
*Select Library > New > Schedule.
*Select Library > Go to Library > Create Schedule.
The Create new Schedule page appears.
2. Enter a name for the schedule in the Name field. You must not use spaces or special characters such as an asterisk (*), ampersand (&), or period ( . ) in the Name field.
3. Enter a description of the schedule in the Description field. The Description field is for reference only. The description appears in the schedule's title when you view the schedule after saving it.
4. Under Schedule period, select the days and times you want the schedule to include (note that Days is a required field).
5. Click Save to save or Cancel to discard the schedule. If you save the schedule, the days and times of the created schedule are displayed.
You can edit the schedule you created, copy and use it as the basis for another new schedule, or delete it.