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TCMAN Reference : Manager actions : Deploy a Web application (deploy)

Deploy a Web application (deploy)


Deploy a Web application (.war file) to a PAS instance whether the server is running (online) or is not running (offline). TCMAN copies the web application to the server’s web application directory. If the server is online, you must stop and restart it in order to complete the deployment.

Syntax deploy [general_options] [-u user_id:password] [-a app _name] war_file_path


Specify one or more of the general TCMAN options. Run help deploy to see which general options are appropriate.
-u user_id:password
Specify a valid user name and password for HTTP Basic access authentication.
Note: This option is required if the server in online. It is not required if the server is offline.
-a app _name
Specify a name for the web application. If you do not use this option, the application name will be the same as the .war file name.
Specify the location of the web application .war file that you want to deploy.


Deploy and rename oeabl.war (a web application that implements OpenEdge adapters) to the acme1 instance of the core pashome server:
/psc/acme1/bin/ deploy -a oeadapters /psc/pashome/extras/oeabl.war
OK - deployed /psc/pashome/extras/oeabl.war to local directory /psc/acme1/webapps
Note: The $CATALINA_HOME/extras directory (/psc/pashome/extras in the example above) also contains number of instance management applications, including host-manager.war, manager.war, and oemanager.war.