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TCMAN Reference : Manager actions : Stop a Web application (disable)

Stop a Web application (disable)


Stop a running Web application.
To use this action, the Tomcat manager (manager.war ) must be deployed on the instance and the instance must be running. You can deploy manager.war from $CATALINA_HOME/extras.

Syntax disable [general_options] [-u user_id:password] app_name


Specify one or more of the general TCMAN options. Run help disable to see which general options are appropriate.
-u user_id:password
Specify a valid user name and password for HTTP Basic access authentication. (The default is -u tomcat:tomcat.)
Specify the name of the web application to disable.
Note: To disable the ROOT web application, you can specify / or ROOT.

Example title

Disable the oeabl application running on the acme1 instance:
/psc/acme1/bin/ disable -u tomcat:tomcat oeabl
OK - Stopped application at context path /oeabl