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Database Management
Database Maintenance Job Templates : Database maintenance using job templates

Database maintenance using job templates

OpenEdge Management includes several specialized database maintenance job templates. You can use these templates to create individual job instances and:
*Ensure that you can quickly and easily set up and initiate maintenance routines for your OpenEdge databases
*Standardize the information you want used when these routine activities are performed
*Define schedules for the various types of maintenance routines you perform for your OpenEdge databases
Using these job templates allows you to create an OpenEdge Management "best practices" approach to ensuring specific database activities are accomplished routinely for your OpenEdge database.
Note: OpenEdge Management also provides two database maintenance job templates for use only with the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. The job templates are named Trend Data Compaction (dataCompaction) and Trend Data Compaction Unlock (UnlockCompaction). See OpenEdge Management: Database Management for information about these job templates.
* Displaying database job templates
* General considerations