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Database Management
Database Maintenance Job Templates : Database maintenance using job templates : Displaying database job templates

Displaying database job templates

To view the database maintenance job templates:
1. From the OpenEdge Management console menu, click Jobs > Go to Jobs.
The OpenEdge Management Jobs page appears.
2. In the View Existing Jobs and Job Templates section, click View Job Templates.
The Jobs.Job Templates page appears and displays the following:
*Predefined maintenance job templates
*The Trend Data Compaction template (displayed as DataCompaction in the list frame) and the Trend Data Compaction Unlock template (displayed as Unlock Compaction in the list frame)
*Any user-defined job templates
3. To display the predefined job template pages associated with each of these database management activities, select a template from those listed.
A summary of the current template values appears in the detail frame. You can review or edit the values defined for the database maintenance templates as you would any user-created job template.
Note: Template jobs can be run only against managed databases. In order to run a job against a scripted database, you must create your own job, without a template. See OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring for more information on creating jobs without using templates.