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Database Management
Database Maintenance Job Templates : Database maintenance using job templates : General considerations

General considerations

You work with database maintenance jobs just as you do any jobs you create yourself. For example, once an instance of a database maintenance job is created, you can run it immediately or schedule it to run at a later date.
Note the following when working with job instances:
*By default, the database management jobs are enabled to run as job actions. This option supports job chaining. See OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring for a detailed explanation of job chaining.
*Database job instances use environment variables common to all jobs, and some that are defined specifically for the type of database maintenance activity you are performing. See Environment variables for database maintenance jobs for details about environment variables specific to each database maintenance job. For additional information about common environmental variables, see OpenEdge Management: Database Management.
*All predefined default field values are editable, including the template menu categories.
*Note that the name of your job cannot contain spaces or these special characters: %, &, $, or #.
*Required fields on the job's property page appear in red.
You can perform the following tasks for job instances derived from a database maintenance job template:
*Access the database maintenance job template from the Jobs.Job Templates page. You can review and edit the template; you cannot set up a job instance of a given template.
*Set up the Job Completion Actions and Alerts page.
*Review specific job values on the Job Summary page. This page automatically appears once you complete either the Job Properties page or the Job Completion Actions and Alerts page.