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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Configuring user authentication : Understanding OEAG authentication in OpenEdge Management

Understanding OEAG authentication in OpenEdge Management

To implement OEAG authentication for user logins in OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Management is introduced as a new client to the OEAG server.
Note: Before implementing OEAG authentication in OpenEdge Management, ensure that the OEAG server is running.
When you choose OEAG authentication as the authentication type and log into the management console by providing the credentials such as username and password, the credentials are converted into an OEAG authentication request token. The authentication request token is then sent to the OEAG server for authentication and the server returns an authentication response token. The authentication response token is stored as a part of your web console session until the session expires or you log out.
OpenEdge Management allows you to configure OEAG authentication for Web server logins and validate the authentication tokens returned by the OEAG server.
* Support for multiple domains
* Accessing OpenEdge Management resources
* Limitations to access OpenEdge Management pages