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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Configuring user authentication

Configuring user authentication

In earlier releases, OpenEdge Management handled user authentication to the management console based on the login information saved in a property-file. This file is available in the OpenEdge Management installation directory and contains the login information of the user such as username, password, and role.
Along with property-file based authentication, OpenEdge Management 11.7 supports OpenEdge Authentication Gateway (OEAG) authentication, a Security Token Service (STS) based authentication. OpenEdge Management provides an interface which allows you to select OEAG as the authentication mechanism to log into the management console. However, if OEAG authentication is not selected, the existing property-file based authentication will be the default authentication mechanism.
As an OpenEdge administrator, using the management console, you can manage the users and configure the type of authentication you want them to use.
For information about OEAG authentication in OpenEdge, see OpenEdge Getting Started: OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide.
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