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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Configuring user authentication : Understanding OEAG authentication in OpenEdge Management : Limitations to access OpenEdge Management pages
Limitations to access OpenEdge Management pages
When you enable OEAG authentication in OpenEdge Management, access to few pages in the management console is limited or restricted. The limitations are:
*Changing your password after your first login is disabled.
*Create User and Change my password links under the Authorized Users link are disabled.
*Creating, viewing, or editing the users using the Authorized Users page is disabled.
*For a user with PSCOper role, access to the Authentication Configuration page is disabled.
You can configure collections and views as part of user preferences which are stored based on the fully qualified username.
For navigating to Authorized Users and Authentication Configuration pages, see Configuring user authentication for Web server logins.