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Configuring third-party Web applications : Hosting a third-party Web application

Hosting a third-party Web application

OpenEdge Management is configured to use the Jetty Web server that is capable of loading third-party Web applications. In OpenEdge Management, the Web user interface is a Web application that consists of JSP files, CSS files, and image files, and the associated Java code is hosted in the fathom.jar file. The OpenEdge Management Web application is considered the ROOT Web application. Third-party Web applications can have their own names without conflicting with the directory structure of the ROOT Web application.
You can host standard Web applications, for example web.xml and its related configuration items, that are supported by the Jetty Web server. Third-party Web applications are hosted in the $OEM/webapps directory. You can edit the fathomWebApplicationDir system property in the fathom.init.params file to change the directory and its default value.
Note: To begin with, you can use the sample Web application WAR file provided with the OpenEdge Management installation.
Though, by default, third-party applications have access to fathom internals, direct access to all internal methods is restricted. However, a set of public objects that contain a subset of OpenEdge Management internals are provided so that a third-party Web application can compile against these public objects.
Note: Progress reserves the right to modify any internal methods unless the methods are explicitly mentioned in OpenEdge documentation that they are available for third-party Web application use.
* Implementing single sign-on (SSO)
* Accessing JSP Standard Tag Libraries
* Loading Java classes